Hey there and welcome to the GAS Community where you get Growth, Accountability and Sales for only 99 cents a day and your first month free!

Why the GAS Community exists 

GAS was created after I saw survey results showing:

  • 89% of entrepreneurs invested in training for Growth

  • 67% wanted more Accountability to get stuff done

  • 76% attended events to get Sales from networking
I saw those results the same week that the world got hit with mass event shut-downs (thanks COVID-19 😊) so I met with my uber-smart marketing-techy-dude partner Marcos Aulie and we brainstormed how we could create a community to give people the Growth, Accountability and Sales they said they needed – without leaving home. We came up with the idea of starting an online community. And to make it accessible to virtually everyone we agreed to cap the fees to a super-affordable 99 cents a day.
Then to make it even more of a no-brainer we decided to make the first month free…

How the GAS Community works

GAS is a “catalyst community” of executives, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs that sparks Growth, Accountability, and Sales. As a member of the GAS Community you benefit from extraordinary opportunities including:

Element #1: GAS Growth Development Training
Element #2: Business Accountability Meetings
Element #3: GAS Joint Venture Networking for Sales
Element #4: GAS Communication Center
Element #5: GAS "Your Extraordinary Life" Course
Join the entrepreneurial “catalyst community” and experience transformational change in your life and business today… 

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