From the desk of Tom Poland

Hey there and welcome to the GAS Community where you get Growth, Accountability and Sales for only 99 cents a day and your first month free!

Why the GAS Community exists

GAS was created after I saw survey results showing:

  • 89% of entrepreneurs invested in training for Growth
  • 67% wanted more Accountability to get stuff done
  • 76% attended events to get Sales from networking

I saw those results the same week that the world got hit with mass event shut-downs (thanks COVID-19 😊) so I met with my uber-smart marketing-techy-dude partner Marcos Aulie and we brainstormed how we could create a community to give people the Growth, Accountability and Sales they said they needed - without leaving home.

We came up with the idea of starting an online community and to make it accessible to virtually everyone we agreed to cap the fees to a super-affordable 99 cents a day.

Then to make it even more of a no-brainer we decided to make the first month free.

But because I’m an “e-tard” and had zero bandwidth Marcos stepped up and got the whole GAS Community up and running in twelve days flat, including website, logo, meeting spaces, direct messaging rooms and everything else we needed to bring the GAS Works Community to life. Marcos, you rock!

Click here to join the GAS Works Community for your 30 day Free Trial (then only 99 cents a day)

How the GAS Community works

GAS is a "catalyst community” of executives, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs that sparks Growth, Accountability and Sales. As a member of the GAS Community you benefit from extraordinary opportunities including:


Element #1: GAS Growth Development Training

  • Live weekly training from Tom Poland and other specialists
  • Pure 100% value training, guaranteed pitch-free and offer-free
  • Access replays with full transcription and index for fast & easy access

Element #2: GAS Accountability Meetings

  • Meet weekly in a group of up to six “accountability buddies”
  • Mandatory “webcams on” increases engagement and relatability
  • Accelerate your progress with regular reviews, accountability and focus

Element #3: GAS Joint Venture Networking for Sales

  • Meet monthly with people who are looking for cross marketing opportunities
  • We match you up with those most likely to be a fit for your type of business
  • Swaps for podcasts, webinars, book promotions, info-stacks, summits and more

Element #4: GAS Discovery Debriefs

  • Learn from those who benefitted from conferences, summits, courses and books
  • Valuable insights and discoveries without having to travel or pay conference fees
  • Access to live debriefs as well as a library of documents containing key learnings
YEL Course

Element #5: GAS ‘Your Extraordinary Life’ Course

  • Get super clear about your Life Purpose including Values, Vision and Goals
  • Based on my  block-buster first book “Your Extraordinary Life”
  • Create your own personalized life plan using unique cloud-based planner